Stevens P18 2016 bicycle with Pinion P18 Hub and a Gates Carbon Drive belt
Tyres: Marathon Mondial 47-622 (28 x 1.75 Inch) Folding tires
Weight:15 kg(including all accessories)

Stevens P18 bicycle equipped with an 18-gear Pinion hub, and Gates Carbon Drive belt. (Photo: Ole Zimmer/Pinion)

Total weight of Gear = 35 kg

Photography (8 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Sony Alpha 7s II Camera + battery + 128GB SD card 490
Sony Alpha 7r III Camera + battery + 128GB SD card 638
Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens + UV filter886
Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens 680
Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM1480
Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM lens820
Sony camera charger98
3x spare camera batteries168
Sony 64GB UHS-I Class 10 U3 SD card 1
1x Extra 64 GB microSD card including adapter1
PIXEL FSK 2.4GHz intervelometer 150
Camera Plus timelapse timer240for GoPro
3x Polar filters16182mm, 82mm, 77mm
ND 1.8 filter20082mm, 77mm
UV filer20082mm,77mm
Sirui W-1204 Tripod 1200
Sirui K-20X 38mm Ballhead400
L-plate for tripod head118
Audio-Technica ATR3350 lavalier mic 20 for interviews
Rode TRS-TRRS Adapter 10 microphone adapter
Air blower 50 for sensor cleaning

Electronics (4.3 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Cateye bike computer 40
Laptop + Charger + LAN USB 2400
Mouse w/ batteries 106
Laptop softshell 364
GPS + USB charger 188
Lacie Rugged 4TB External HDD 235
Apple iPod 3rd Generation 16GB MP3-Player + Ear phones 50
Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder 110
Smart phone + 128 GB card + charger + headphones200
RAVPower 4-Port USB charger 300

Camping (5.7 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
MSR Hubba Hubba NX2 tent with footprint1600
Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag long1450
Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus800
Meru Sport Towel 40 x 9090
Sunix LED headlamp74charged via USB port
Water filter95
Water purification tablets + Antichlor30
Wenger Swiss army knife w/o case131
Paper soap14
Shaving razor41
Tooth brush and paste68
Compact mirror27
Platybus 1L bottle40
Optimus Stove Ligher45
Cooking gear (stove, repair kit, pots)925
Primus empty fuel bottle 0.6L143
2x water bottles234

Clothing (6 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Cycling gloves47
Gore Windstopper gloves121
Marmot Precip Trouser260
Cycling shorts160
Gonso Bicycle pants + padded underwear545
Maier long pants394
Gore bib tight450
GoreTex Jacket250
Marmot Down Jacket Zeus410
Stevens Thermal winter jacket 450
1x Shirt long sleeve – Blue171
1x Stevens Shirt long sleeve – Blue171
1x Pinion T-Shirt145
1x White T-Shirt145
2x underwears140
1x Sealskinz socks75
3x Biking socks105
Keen shoes950
Mashall hiking shoes900
Giro Pneumo helmet280
Baff headscarf38
Baseball cap41
Bicycle seat cover25

Personal (0.7 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Contact lenses + cleansing solution350
Nobite lotion63
Eye glasses prescription0
Sunglasses with case156
Waist belt72
Casio W-59-1VQES wrist watch18

Emergency (0.3 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Ibuprufen (fever & pain killer)16
Tablets for Diarrhoea treatment8
Malarone (Standy tablets against Malaria)8
Rehdydration sachets82
First aid kit190

Repair (1.7 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Lezyene HV Micro floor drive pump200
TipTop Patch Kit Tour20
Toppeak Multi-tool235
2x spare tubes280
Brake pads 4x35
Duct tape42
Pressure guage45
Spare belt300 2x
Gear Hub oil80
Gear Hub spare parts 200
Gear Hub tool 250
Books Proofide saddle fat40
Small scissors20

Documents (0.3 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Photocopy of passport
ID card + Driving license13
10 Passport photos
AOK Health Insurance Card
Bank cards
Bank phone numbers
Pakistan Origin Card
Notebook + Pen145
TAN + PIN numbers
Scan of vaccination ID

Bags (5.2 kg)

Item Weight(grams) Notes
Orlieb front Roller Plus1350 Rear rack
Ortlieb back roller plus1590 Front rack
Ortlieb rack pack M 700 Rear rack
Ortlieb Ultimate Pro E Handlebar bag800 On handlebar
Ortlieb Airflex rucksack650 Off-bike usage
EagleCreek pack-it cube67 For organizing
EagleCreek pack-it half-cube18 For organizing

Gear from Germany-Pak tour

Checkout here!


  • wish you good luck for your journey and may God help you whatever you wanted to achieve in a smooth way. TC Thumbs UP !!!

  • I have not good experience with big memory cards with canon & Sony cameras. When the pics start building up the memory geting slow, specially when you take out the card to computer & deleate some & put it back to camera. It then keep reading & reading it. My last 32GB Sandisk which came with the canon 70D is dead & I was in Las Vagus & lost all unbackuped pics. Now I got 16GB memory’s. Big 64-128GB are ok for videos as they are big files but not many on the card. Like 10k pics on the card but only 100 videos on the card. So I suggest, use small card for camera but u can use big cards for Gopro.

  • ALLAH ap ko kamyab kare kamran sahib. apne nam ke tarha app kamran hoon for ever.

  • Dear Kamra ,

    You are really great adventurer of this Time , Have a great Time , wishing you all the best for your travel to Pakistan , You are gonna make a history … Once again best of Luck and thanks for portraying such a great soft image of Pakistan.

  • Greetings from India. I too live in germany. Hopefully some day I will make a similar journey.

  • all the best u r an inspiration u hve made this nation proud someone with huge courage can do this and all the best all u rise Pakistani flag all around the world we wish and pray for ur safety success and strength to complete ur goals
    Pakistan zindabad

  • What sort of bicycle did you use for this? How much is the weight of the bike itself

  • Man … This was of great help as I’ll be planning for my Journey from Istanbul to London on my CBR 😀


  • Hallo Kamran,

    Es muss eine sehr anstrengede Reise gewesen sein. Ich wollte auch schon immer von Deutschland nach Pakistan eine Reise mit dem Auto unternehmen. Habe aber nie die Gelegenheit bekommen. Zeitlich und auch finanziell. Ich hatte mich mit einigen poteziellen Sponsoren mein Vorhaben besprochen, leider wollte keiner darin investieren. Aber eine Reise mit dem Fahrrad! Das ist wirklich ein Abenteuer.

    Ich freue mich fuer dich, dass du sowas verwirklichen konntest.
    Wuensche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg.



    • Danke Asad, dass mit Sponsoren kann ich schon verstehen. Ich hatte auch kein Sponsoring für diese Reise bekommen.

  • Dear Brother Kamran,

    Ma sha Allah, got no words to say – i really enjoyed the tour but you should have taken 2 many pictures i would love 2 c

  • Congratulations dear Kamran for making your dream come true. Its indeed a life-time proud and wonderful achievement. Thanks for promoting Bright side of Pakistan. Looking forward to see many more adventures by your side. ‘God bless Kamran’

  • Kamran, Thank you for documenting your wonderful trip. It’s truly inspiring and I wish you all the best in future endeavors.

  • You’re a good man … I’ve wanted to visit the Ex-russian ( current muslim) states for a while now … Hopefully someday i;ll be able to take a trip too … In Shaa Allah ..

  • Your journey is well documented and inspirational. Normally we in India don’t get to see the bright side of people from Pakistan

    • Thanks, Deepak. It is unfortunate that people from both India and Pakistan are not able to freely visit the neighbours. Making new friendships and knowing each other will help resolve the tension.

  • It’s a very inspirational journey that you have embarked on. Wish you all the luck and awaiting to see more pictures.

  • Hey Kamran,
    Thanks a lot for the very detailed documentation of your gear! This is very useful for other bikepackers.
    Just to ask a quick question, how has your experience been with Pinion gears? Especially with traveling to far flung places. Has repairing been a serious issue?

    Also, what other bikes have you used in the past? Any reviews there are appreciated 🙂

    Thanks! Congrats and good luck with the future rides…


  • best wishes kamran… i hope one day u will make a new world record of cycling and make the flag of Pakistan shine and shine…
    i always love to c ur pics… and daily i visit ur page to c ur new pics…… stay blessed…..

  • Dear Mr. Kamran,

    Your journey is really a motivation for us Pakistani cyclist. BTW I’m currently in Dubai and have been planing a cyclist tour from Islamabad/Lahore to Kaghan Valley starting from 1st March and might be completed within a week or 10 days in sha ALLAH.

    I would be happy if any adventurer or rider gets the chance and time to join me 🙂 I’d be happy to welcome. Kindly do watsapp or call me @ 0332 2196510.

  • You don’t know how much you have inspired me and my friends. I just love that how you are following your dreams and enjoying your life. Best wishes from me and my friends. Stay blessed, stay riding.

  • Brave Kamran. You deserve an lifetime achievement award. Salut.

  • Thank you sir these these things will help me alot on my trip from karachi to china border

  • Hi Mr Kamran

    I regularly read your picture stories. and all pf them are awesome.
    I have a question, may be you have answered this earlier. Do you use any photo editing software before posting your pictures, if yes whats the name of that tool. I believe it must be handy as i am impressed by the pictures you have posted so far.


  • Kamran, being a photographer i loved every bit of the detailed gear sheet you mentioned above, but what gave my adrenaline the real rush was the that 100 gms of our Pakistan flag that travels with you across the globe. Kamran you are a national hero and a pride for the country. You are that good news that I so anxiously share with my friends and colleagues to show what Pakistan is all about. Allah Bless you. You rock 🙂

  • This is SO inspiring! Maybe not the exact kind of journey, but I hope to do something as inspired someday! Lots of luck and wishes for the remaining portion of your tour to Alaska.

  • Great life…. Hope you are always Hale and healthy and enjoy your great and awosame lifestyle. If I were you be sure had my dear wife beside… not married travel with a opposite sex gender.
    Anyway hope you enjoy as you wish.

  • Hi Kamran,

    I have been following your photo journal religiously and I have to say, I’m a big fan. I see that you are on your way traveling through the Americas. I live in San Francisco and would love to have an opportunity to host you or at least get a chance to meet you. If you do swing by here, I hope that happens.

    Cheers and Safe Travels

  • according to my self you are the only person in world who had enjoyed his life. the rest of world including me is very boring and afraid of doing adventure in their lives. the only question i would like to ask is your source of income???? how you manage the expenses while you are not doing any JOB. Is their any business????

  • Hi Kamran Bhai,

    Whenever I get time from my hectic robotic Office Life. I read you and your journey. Reading it, inspires and motivates me one more time to strive for why you are in this world. At the end, there is only one question that always I wanted to ask from you?
    ‘What is it that makes you cycle all over the world? Like what is that you want to achieve? Is it purely for you?’
    Hope you find time.

    • Initially, I started cycling just for fun. Then it was curiousity to explore, then it was an adventure, then a challenge, then a sort of mission and finally, it became a way of life!

  • Hi kamran bhai,
    Let men know, you have red passport or its European passport.?
    Would you like to back in pakistan after this adventure ?


  • Kamran Bhai i would love to meet you if you ever plan to come back to Layyah. So proud of you breaking all the stereotypes and doing what your heart tells you to. For people like us belonging to city like Layyah where your parents and society has paved a road for you to follow and not let you decide what you should do, you are doing a remarkable job. And i would also like to propose to you that if u ever come back to Layyah, can you organize a lecture/talk to motivate students so that may be in near future they would break all stereotypes just like you and do something for their own fulfillment rather than following blindly what they are told to follow. Its sickens me that even in this modern era the only career opted by the parents of the students in our area is just medical and engineering. And if God forbid you didn’t make it to a good college then you are constantly lamented upon. The depression that these kids go through cannot be described. If you could just try to change that mentality somehow, i think we have lot more to offer than doctors and engineers.

  • Too much Equipment man! Do You really need all the stuff? I like the minimalist style of bike tours. I did a bike tour from Germany to Portugal with 15kg luggage (tent incl.) It is definitely no problem. You know the ways are hard enough with light weight. I wish you very much fun on your next trips!

  • Thank you for this detailed gear report . Believe it or not this is also motivating

  • Grammar correction:

    Weight:15 kg(including all accessories)

    You need to put blank space after kg like this:

    Weight:15 kg (including all accessories)

  • Dear Kamran.
    You are a great man.
    InshAllah your dreams come true.
    You are a real face of spread love , honesty , through out the world… Keep smiling… Be happy.
    Muhammad Imran

  • Mate you are really appreciable personality,,, Hope Allah keep you on going.

  • Sir,Mashallah you came through alot. I am your become fan and aspire your work. I only want to say that you are so under rated please don’t hope.

  • I live in Dubai and have a valid resident Visa of UAE. I want to pay homage to Makkah on bicycle. Please guide about right time, weather, minimum no of days, cost, do’s and dont’s etc.

    • You are an inspiration for many youngsters like me but sad to see you didn’t get the recognition and sponsors you deserved. Hope to see you succeed more in life ahead and cycle with you in Lahore.

  • I read so much about you. You inspired me a lot. One day i wish i may start a voyage like you. Please share your contact. If you are in Pak then its my pleasure to meet you. I live in Islamabad & a tour bicycling enthusiast. 0309 6662288

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