1. What camera do you use?

I use two cameras; a Sony Alpha 7sII and a Sony Alpha 7RIII. You can find the list of my gear here.

2. Can I travel with you?

I appreciate your desire to travel with me. However, I am already on the road and also I prefer to travel alone.

3. Who takes your photos from a far distance?

I take all of my photos myself by using a tripod and a camera intervalometer. I sometimes have to spend hours to get the right shot. There is no one else traveling with me.

4. Can you give me your number? I want to talk.

I appreciate your desire to talk to me, but I am cycling in remote areas, stopping in random villages and towns where internet/cellular coverage is not always available. I try to post updates whenever I can. It is best if you contact me via Facebook or send an email.

5. Where can I meet you?

I am humbled by those inviting me to meet/visit them. If you do not live anywhere between Ushuaia to Alaska, I have no idea when I will be able to meet you. If you do live somewhere along the way, do let me know and I will try to meet you.

6. Can you help me in planning my next trip?

Please understand that you must do your own research on the countries and routes you wish to travel. Learn about legal requirements, political and security situation of the area, understand cultural sensitivities of the people, research the best possible route, have some basic idea of budget and use all this information to plan. It is an essential part of the journey. Use google; learn from other people’s experiences. Contact me if you have any specific questions about the areas I have already travelled.

7. I want to travel abroad. Can you help me with the visas?

I can not tell you how to get visas. The visa process for each country is different and they keep changing. You must contact the embassy of the country you intend to visit. My initial tours were on a Pakistani passport and I planned and acquired all visas for the Germany – Pakistan tour. Now I have a German passport and that makes it a lot easier to travel. How I got the passport? I lived and worked there for more than a decade.

8. How much did your travel cost?

I spent about 5500 Euros during my previous 6-month tour from Germany to Pakistan. I don’t have the exact details about the ongoing tour.

9. How do you afford your travel expenses?

I worked for over ten years to save money for my travels. I recently ran out of savings and had to take loans from friends. I have a partial bicycle equipment support from Gates Carbon Drive, Stevens Bikes, Pinion and Ortlieb (in the form of the panniers). More details about this are on my crowdfunding page.

10. Where can I get your photos in full resolution?

If you would like to purchase a high-resolution version of a photo which you have seen at my website or Facebook page, please message me with a link to the photo. You can pay via Paypal or via bank transfer (for Pakistan).

10. Do you have a travel health insurance?

For the first year and a half on my trip I didn’t have a health insurance because I was short on funds, but now I do have one. It is always good to have a health insurance in case of an accident during the travel. I use a World Nomads travel insurance. You can get a quote here.