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Kamran Ali is a cyclist photographer on around-the-world trip for last five years. He has covered 50,000 km through 43 countries in four continents. Kamran cycled 10,000 kilometers from Germany to Pakistan and 33,100 kilometers from Ushuaia in Argentina, to Alaska. He is the first and only Pakistani to have travelled the entire length of the Americas by bicycle.

Long bio
Kamran is a computer programmer by profession, an artist by own imagination and an adventurist by nature. Born and raised in Pakistan, Kamran holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science and now lives in Nuremberg, Germany where he is employed in a software firm. Besides, he is an avid photographer who has displayed his work in few local exhibitions, both solo and collaborative. Sometimes ago, Kamran also used to regularly draw and paint but now enjoys the combination of photography and Photoshop more.

Bicycle touring is Kamran’s one of the biggest passions. He did several bicycle tours in Pakistan. His first tour was as a 13 years old who picked up two friends on a little bicycle and did a round-trip to a nearby town covering 52 kilometers in a day. This tour had an exhilarating effect on Kamran. In the next years, he made solo trips to several cities in Pakistan, often in extreme summar heat with maximum temperature in excess of  45 C°, travelling super-ultralight without any prior training or preparation, and with almost all borrowed gear including the bicycle. His longest trip in Pakistan was in 2002 when he padelled about 400 Kilometers from Multan to Lahore in less than two days. This tour was a bit special for Kamran because few days ago he had quit the teaching job he loved to regain the lost freedom and adventure.

Few months later, something strange happened to Kamran when he was leaving to Germany for further studies. During his PIA flight from Islamabad to Frankfurt, several thousand feet above in the air, Kamran stared out from this window seat and didn’t blink an eye. He was struck by the vastness and the magnificent beauty of nature’s landscape that stretched beneath the plane. Rivers appeared as curved lines, towns as brown patches of rug scattered on the green fields, mountains as wrinkles on the old rough colored paper. Mesmerized by what he saw, Kamran wondered at how it would feel to be on these places? what the local people would be like? the languages they spoke? the culture? the streets and climate? the food and the music, and everything? Sadly, he couldn’t get answer to any of those questions from the plane window. A strong wish arose from the deep of his heart and he closed his eyes.

He had secretly promised to himself that one day he will return and visit all these places on a bicycle and find out the answers of these questions himself.

The seed was sowed and the destiny had been set. Wait of 9 years in the darkness, and lo, here appears the sprout in the form of  Kamran On Bike.


  • Love you man , I read all your posts , you are real inspiration to me, god bless you

  • Hi,

    I am a photographer based in Islamabad. I would like to take a few photographs of you for my blog. If you are internested please respond.

    I can be reached on my cell: 0331 5323774 or via email: mm.maajid@gmail.com

    It is really amazing what you have achieved, and would love to sit down for a cup of coffee when your hear.

  • Great Job Done By You 🙂 I Am Felling Really Great After Reading About Your Journey. Proud To Be A Pakistani Dear 🙂

  • Really Amazing Guy this is what dedication towards your commitment is … May Allah Bless you Kamran

  • good bro. proud of you. you are a great inspiration for me as i also love adventure. have you passed through haripur hazara ??? its my hometown. if yes .have u any picture of Haripur which you captured while your cycling tour?

  • This is really astounding. Such a beauty. I’m really inspired by the rigor and enthusiasm by Kamran. Being a cyclist,I know how much training and dedication needs to be invested to achieve this tons. I look forward to remember Kamran every time I hit the road from now on. Hats off!!

  • Excellent Kamran brother you are proud of Pakistan . I want to see you more and more on high rank . You are very special to me you belongs from Layyah the city where I have so many my University mates and my friends

  • Hi Kamran,

    Many congratulations on completing your journey. I came across your profile and wanted to approach you for a media opportunity.

    I’m currently working with Travel Secrets, a travel magazine in India. We have a section titled ‘How I Took this Shot ‘, and we were keen on featuring a photograph from your tour, along with a short write up and the story behind that picture, for our March – April issue.

    In case you are interested, I will send you a layout sample and the required details.

    Meanwhile, here is some information about our magazine:

    Launched in 2012, Travel Secrets is a bi-monthly magazine and draws its stories from travellers around the world, from all walks of life. Our international correspondents hail from Sweden, Italy, Holland, Austria, Japan and the US. You can visit our website at http://travelsecretsmag.com/

    Look forward to a positive response.


    Tanya Anand
    Editorial Team
    Travel Secrets Magazine

  • I started folowing you from you tour from Germany to Pakistan.

    You are a source of inspiration for me in my life… and a kind of pride as you are from punjab Pakistan..
    I follow your every tour and make my self up-to-date with your journeys all over the world

  • hi , im srinivasan from vellore,india
    really admire you kamran..
    i feel good, when watching your trip ..
    keep going ,take care always,

  • Kamran bhai, aaj tuada Abba Jee de na khatt parhay. Daadhi chass ayi ae. Main apni sari zindagi sohnay wasaib Multan wich langhai ae te hun aa ke ithaan Washington DC ich kadaheen saag ko miss karena, kadaheen chaawal di roti te kadaheen langra/Chaunsa. Lekin aaj tuada khatt parh k dil tarut gy, hanjo akheen ich aa gin te tuadi likhai di taqat te oonday dukh barray andaaz di tareef keetay baghair riha nai gya. Aj tussa Chile baithay way da main aakhay kyun na tuaku apnay des, apnay wasaib di maa boli wich khatt likh choraan.
    Wasday raho te na bhulyo k Abba zarur tur gyay per hun vee tuaday chahwan aalay dher saray laug hin pay. Rab Raakha.

  • As Salam Alikum,

    Been following your journey with you for quite a time being. Such a marvelous feeling to see your story with all those images you have been posted on Facebook with storylines, make me wanna make a movie about your story man 🙂 one day possibly ! If you ever have a chance to be in Shanghai some day let me know bro, it would be good to catch up with you then and I would love to interview you about all your journey ~ Wish you all the best for your upcoming adventures. keep rocking ~


  • salute to your commitment and passion, it takes courage to do such things, wonderful man, full of adventures, I can only imagine that.

  • i am living in malaysia i would like to have interview with you please if this possible you are invited

    Tum ko PAKISTAN ka SALAM…….
    Tum MUQAMI naheen……… AFAQI ho.
    Tum ko DUNYA ka SALAM.
    Tum naay mujhay 62 saal ki umar mein rula diya, buhat mutaseer hoa tum hara khat parh kar.

  • Dear Kamran,
    You are awesome and you adventures are equally mind blowing. you inspiration, may you be blessed with equally good health and keep inspiring millions with your soo inspirational trips and photography.

  • Ma shaa ALLAH,,,,
    You are Great Man…
    Proud of Pakistan..
    PH.D in Computer Science…👍👍

  • Kamran, Inspiring journeys !!

    When are you planning to complete the Ushuaia – Alaska trip

  • If you ever make it to Alaska may be continue to Jasper and Banff National parks in Canada which is absolutely wonderful to bike or drive but only in Summer.

  • Hi Kamran, You are a true inspiration and your commitment towards cycling is beyond words.
    One day, I wish I can ride a bicycle with you !
    Take care

  • We wanna donate something for your cause. But, unfortunately PayPal doesn’t work in PAK.
    Suggest any alternative method for this…!

    Keep rocking…!

  • So strong and Inspirational. You’ve given me motivation to fulfill my dreams! Bike on brother!

  • Great to meet you today. Brigham and I were so happy to spend a little time with you. All the best in your travels.

  • Salam Mr. Kamran!

    So happy to find you! I thought I was an orphan from this part of the world considering touring on a bike. You proved me wrong. And I am so glad about being wrong.

    I am not sure which one was harder – the ride or the visas!

    Your videos are exceptionally good. You must submit to Banff Festival.

    Peace be upon you!

  • Hey if you get this this is nat! I won’t be at the campsite tonight so can you let the camp host know for me? I am at St. Mary’s campsite and it is open for tents and it’s farther down only a quarter-mile from the visitor center with good Wi-Fi so come here tomorrow instead of rising sun and you will be closer to your destination and all the good hiking trails.
    Sorry I don’t have your phone number so I’m reaching out this way. Hope you get it. Glacier rocks and so do you!

  • Hello Kamran,
    Fisrtable I would like to thank you becasue you have inspired me at the point that I am strat planning a trip by bycicle.

    Could you please let me know why are you travelling from South to North.

    All the best,


  • Kamran,

    Thank you for the card. Nice pic indeed! Please, let me know if you plan to swing by Smithers…You are welcome to stay and get your stuff packed to resume the journey. Snow is almost gone around the house. Roads are cleared of snow…mind you, it was snowing a bit this morning. The Cassiar is waiting for you…and you should go before hungry bears wake up. Cheers!

  • Hi Kamran,

    I would love to see if you came out as gay 🙂 Your interfaith LGBT marriage article is a door to so many inhibitions people face because of religion. Sorry, for this edgy thought!

    Thank you!

  • Hey Kamran,

    We are the couple who stopped to talked to you on the Dempster Highway…you had just left Tombstone ( we were in a white truck with camper ). Wonderful to meet you….good luck and best wishes for the rest of your journey !

    Jeff and Lois, BC, Canada

  • Aslamalikum, I am Nadeem Bilal from Vancouver,Canada but originally from Layyah and founder of Layyah.com my personal email is layyah@gmail.com.
    May be you remember me many years ago we used to talk for photos of Layyah.
    I am proud of your great works and mentioning Layyah always in your endeavors.
    We have common DNA of Layyah , I wish if we can work together to bring a better change in the life of a very common and poor man of Layyah @ the Platform of Layyah.com ?
    Please let me know how can we together give back anything to the great soil of Layyah.
    Looking forward to hear back from you soon.
    Thank you

  • Realy you are nature loving great man,love you ,keep it up wish to see u.

  • thanks for post updating, You are a great inspiration for me as i also love adventure. have you passed through haripur hazara ??? its my hometown. if yes .have u any picture of Haripur which you captured while your cycling tour?

  • Hallo Kamran,

    Dein Radreiseblog ist ja wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes! Ich bin selbst gerne auch mit Rad unterwegs und verbringe schön viel Zeit in entsprechenden Blogs… aber Deine Geschichten sind voller Poesie, Philosophie und photo-visueller Kraft. Eine seltene Kombination bei den Weltreiseradlern.

    Was Dich noch unterscheidet von den meist “westlichen” Weltenbummlern ist die schwere Bürde, die Du mit jedem Pedaltritt (er-)trägst, die Erwartungen Deiner Familie nicht gerecht zu werden.

    Ebenfalls hat mich die Art Deiner äußeren Verwandlung sehr bewegt.

    Nachdem ich fast alle Deiner Beiträge gelesen habe, ist dies mein erster Webkommentar in 10 Jahren.

    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute für die Zukunft, wohin der Weg Dich auch tragen mag.

    Viele Grüße nach Pakistan

    Duc, aus München

    P.S: Mögest Du Menschen in Deiner Heimat finden, die Dich verstehen..

  • very nice what you write/ride 😉 I feel you.
    I travel on my bike since 2011 and somebody from USA told me today about you. I had to google you directly. They told me of course, as I started for a very big trip with a good background-story, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux3zUt6GyIs

    You will love it, I am sure 😉

    Best to you and keep spreading good vibes.
    From Mexico, Alexandros from bike4peace.eu

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